Test & Evaluation

Valytics provides a full range of Independent Test & Evaluation (T&E) support services throughout the entire System development life-cycle (SDLC). We are experts in the T&E of medical, logistics, and financial information systems.

Agile & Waterfall Management. Our expert test analysts managed integration, qualification, user acceptance, and performance test events for software on both Agile, Waterfall and hybrid development cycles.

Cost Effective. Valytic's risk-based Test Planning optimizes test resource allocation and concentrates test resources on the most critical and high risk system components, reducing costs for testing more frequent, lower-risk builds while increasing confidence in results.

User and System Acceptance Testing. Valytics plans, hosts, and facilitates large scale (150+ participants) User/System Tests. We provide facilities for in-person and remote testing, which can increase participation and save on travel costs.

Test Automation. Valytics maximizes ROI by automating high frequency scripts and concentrating manual resources on high risk or evolving functionality.

Test Lab Infrastructure and Support. Our Test Lab has the hardware, physical infrastructure, and software licenses needed to prototype new approaches and to host live, virtual, and remote events.

Functional Expertise

Valytics has on staff medical experts, including doctors, nurses, and administrators, who are dedicated to the advancement of the Health IT Industry. Additional staff within Valytics include experts in medical logistics, healthcare, finance, and program management.

Health Care Experts. Valytics has physicians, hospital administrators, nurses and support staff with experience managing healthcare operations at the local, regional, and national levels. Our expertise has been used to develop models that support process improvement and reengineering for healthcare delivery systems. We are actively involved with the design of one of our nation’s largest IT programs, the DOD’s replacement of their electronic health record.

Programmatic Expertise. Valytics has staff that includes senior members from DoD and commercial activities. We have expertise in setting policies, designing strategic plans, and building six-year budget requirements for Service Program Objective Memorandum (POM) submissions.

Program Management

Valytics’ functional, administrative, and management experts provide turn-key solutions for federal agencies looking to improve the management and execution of high profile initiatives. We have built programs from the ground up at Homeland Security, DOD, and VA. For example, our program management and support staff helped launch the Wounded Warrior Support, Suicide Prevention, and Traumatic Brain Injury Defense Centers of Excellence (DCOE).

Valytics provides a full range of executive program and administrative support services.

Administrative Support. Valytics provides executive assistance including coordination of schedules and travel, presentation and meeting facilitation, writing and disseminating of executive summaries, authoring and/or editing written materials, and managing strategic and external communication.

Human Resources. Valytics supports the full range of human resource functions including payroll, time and attendance, employee relations, performance plans, evaluations and appraisals, awards, critical hires and employee orientation.

Quality Assurance. Valytics analyzes existing programs and processes including gap analysis, research and identification of opportunities for process improvements, and development of metrics to ensure results exceed the clients' mission.

Content Management. Valytics serves as a developer and content manager for web and SharePoint sites. We track and generate site usage and analytics.

Graphic Design. Valytics designs graphic materials across all printed and electronic media including stationary, newsletters, brochures, presentations, white papers, social media, and website elements and content.

Cyber Security and Information Assurance

Valytics is at the forefront of the formulation and implementation of information assurance and Cyber Security policies. Our Cyber Security subject matter experts can help your organization develop and then implement the right policies and procedures to protect your organization.

Custom-fit Strategies. Valytics will tailor a strategy to best fit our customer’s needs when it comes to adherence to to Cyber Security and Information Assurance policies and procedures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

Proven Solutions. Our experts will assess software and information architecture for security, assess network security, develop risk mitigation strategies and procedures, and use cutting-edge and industry proven software to monitor and detect network and system performance.

Test Labs and Tools:

Valytics’ Way Cool Lab is designed to be a proof of concept lab and innovation engine for our customers. Our lab environments are built to mimic your agency’s production environments and serve as efficient test beds for new technologies, techniques, tools, and methods. We provide a variety of Fuzz Testing, SCQC, Automation Testing, Code Coverage, Cloud Computing, Test Management, Performance Testing, and Requirements Management initiatives for our clients and partners in the Way Cool Lab.

Fuzz Testing. Fuzz Testing identifies security vulnerabilities that may cause a program to crash. This is usually done by inputting unexpected, invalid, or random data into a program to see how it behaves. Some tools include:• BurpSuite
• Condenomicon
• HP WebInspect
• Peach Fuzzer
• JBroFuzz

SCQC. Software Code Quality Checking (SCQC) includes the static and dynamic analysis of software, performed to detect structural and security issues. The use of multiple tools standardizes results. Some tools include:• CheckStyle
• FindBugs
• SonarQube
• Fortify

Automation. Test Automation reduces the amount of labor required to complete repetitive tests, tests that are difficult to perform manually, and regression testing. Some tools include:

• Selenium
• Sahi
• Ranorex

Code Coverage, Cloud Computing, Test Management, Performance Testing, and Requirements Management. Similarly, to the areas detailed above, the lab has a variety of tools and our staff has expertise addressing each of these areas. Some tools include:• Amazon Web Services (AWS)
• Cobertura
• EclEmma
• JaCoco
• McCabe
• TestLink
• Bugzilla
• Mantis
• NeoLoa “

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